Tis the season of amazing customer feedback, thanks everyone!

At Ashworth Holme we always work incredibly hard to ensure all of our customers have a great experience when using our services. December is traditionally a very busy month for the completion of house sales 2016 being no exception this means communication with Vendors and buyers is vital to make sure the process is as stress free as possible,

We are proud to say this month many of our clients are taking the time to send us brilliant testimonials, leave Google reviews and drop in numerous thank you cards often accompanied by huge boxes of chocolates!

We often tweet our testimonials you can check them out here www.twitter.com/ashworthholme 

or take a look at our google reviews https://www.google.co.uk/?gfe_rd=cr&ei=bZtKWOuMGMr38Af5hKzwDA&gws_rd=ssl#q=ashworth+holme&lrd=0x487b...,